HP Officejet Pro L7550 - Other guidelines

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Other guidelines
To keep the wireless network secure, follow these guidelines:

Use a password with at least 20 random characters. You can use up to 63
characters in a WPA password.

Avoid any common words or phrases, easy sequences of characters (such as all
1s), and personally-identifiable information for passwords. Always use random
strings composed of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and if allowed,
special characters such as punctuation.

Change the password periodically.

Change the default password provided by the manufacturer for administrator
access to the access point or wireless router. Some routers let you change the
administrator name as well.

Place the access point or router in the center of a room and not near a window.

Turn off administrative access over wireless if possible. If you do this, you need to
connect to the router with a wired Ethernet connection when you want to make
configuration changes.

Turn off remote administrative access over the Internet on your router, if possible.
You can use Remote Desktop to make an encrypted connection to a computer
running behind your router and make configuration changes from the local
computer you are accessing over the Internet.

To avoid accidentally connecting to another party's wireless network, turn off the
setting to automatically connect to non-preferred networks. This is disabled by
default in Windows XP.