HP Officejet Pro L7550 - To set up the device on a wireless network (Mac OS)

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To set up the device on a wireless network (Mac OS)

1. Set up the device hardware (see the getting started guide).
2. Ensure an AirPort card is installed on the computer.
3. Close any applications that are running on your computer system.
4. Open the AirPort Setup Assistant from the Utilities folder. Refer to the AirPort

documentation for details on setting up on wireless networks.

Set up the device for wireless communication (some models only)


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5. For ad hoc networks, click the AirPort icon on the menu bar and select "hpsetup"

under Computer to Computer Networks. For wireless networks, click the AirPort
icon, and then click Other to join the network.

6. Insert the Starter CD into the CD drive. The CD menu runs automatically. If the CD

menu does not start automatically, double-click the setup icon on the Starter CD.

7. On the CD menu, click Install Software and follow the onscreen instructions.
8. On the Connection Type screen, select the wireless network option, and then

click Done.

9. Follow the onscreen instructions in the Network Printer Setup Utility, which starts

running automatically, to install the printer driver.