HP Officejet Pro L7550 - HP Printer Utility panels

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HP Printer Utility panels

Information and Support panel

Supplies Status: Shows the information about currently installed printheads and
ink cartridges.

Supply Info: Shows the ink cartridge replacement options.

Device Information: Displays information about the model and serial number.
Also allows you to print the self-test diagnostic page of the device. This page
contains information about the device and the supplies. For more information, see

Understand the self-test diagnostic page


Print Quality Diagnostics: Allows you to diagnose issues affecting the print
quality of the device. For more information, see

To print the print quality diagnostic



Clean: Guides you through cleaning the printheads. For more information, see


clean the printheads


Align: Guides you through aligning the printheads. For more information, see


align the printheads


Calibrate Linefeed: Allows you to perform linefeed calibration. For more
information, see

To calibrate the linefeed


HP Support: Gain access to HP Web site where you can find support for the
device, register the device, and find information about returning and recycling used
printing supplies.

Printer Settings panel

Trays Configuration: Set the default media type and size for a tray, and set the
tray priority. For more information, see

Configure trays


Additional Settings: Launch the embedded Web server to change network
settings. Configure IP settings for network connectivity.

Use device management tools