HP Officejet Pro L7550 - Toolbox tabs

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Toolbox tabs
The Toolbox contains the following tabs.



Estimated Ink Level

Ink Level Information: Shows estimated ink
level for each cartridge.


The ink levels shown are an estimate

only. Actual ink volumes may vary.

Shop Online: Provides access to a Web site
from which you can order printing supplies for
the device online.

Order by Phone: Shows telephone numbers
that you can call to order supplies for the
device. Telephone numbers are not available
for all countries/regions.

Cartridge Details: Shows order numbers and
expiration dates of the installed ink cartridges.


Printer Information: Provides a link to
myPrintMileage and shows the device hardware
and printhead health information. Information tab
options include:

Hardware information

myPrintmileage (if installed)

HP Instant Support

HP printhead health


Print PQ (print quality) Diagnostic Page:
Allows you to diagnose issues affecting the
print quality of the device. For more
information, see

To print the print quality

diagnostic page


Print Self-Test Diagnostic Page: Allows you
to print the self-test diagnostic page of the
device. This page contains information about
the device and the supplies. For more
information, see

Understand the self-test

diagnostic page


Align Printheads: Guides you through
aligning the printheads. For more information,

To align the printheads


Clean Printheads: Guides you through
cleaning the printheads. For more information,

To clean the printheads


Calibrate Linefeed: Allows you to perform
linefeed calibration. For more information, see

To calibrate the linefeed


Paper Handling: Allows you to set the tray
lock and select a default tray (if Tray 2 is
installed). For more information, see




Chapter 9


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