HP Officejet Pro L7550 - Set up backup fax reception

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Set up backup fax reception

Depending on your preference and security requirements, you can set up the device to
store all the faxes it receives, only the faxes it receives while the device is in an error
condition, or none of the faxes it receives.
The following Backup Fax Reception modes are available:


The default setting. When Backup Fax Reception is On, the device
stores all received faxes in memory. This enables you to reprint up to
eight of the most recently printed faxes if they are still saved in memory.


When device memory is low, it overwrites the oldest, printed

faxes as it receives new faxes. If the memory becomes full of unprinted
faxes, the device stops answering incoming fax calls.


If you receive a fax that is too large, such as a very detailed

color photo, it might not be stored in memory due to memory limitations.

On Error Only

Causes the device to store faxes in memory only if an error condition
exists that prevents the device from printing the faxes (for example, if the
device runs out of paper). The device continues to store incoming faxes
as long as there is memory available. (If the memory becomes full, the
device stops answering incoming fax calls.) When the error condition is
resolved, the faxes stored in memory print automatically, and then they
are deleted from memory.


Faxes are never stored in memory. For example, you might want to turn
off Backup Fax Reception for security purposes. If an error condition
occurs that prevents the device from printing (for example, the device
runs out of paper), the device stops answering incoming fax calls.

Chapter 8


Fax (some models only)

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If Backup Fax Reception is enabled and you turn off the device, all faxes

stored in memory are deleted, including any unprinted faxes that you might have
received while the device was in an error condition. You must contact the senders
to ask them to resend any unprinted faxes. For a list of the faxes you have
received, print the Fax Log. The Fax Log is not deleted when the device is turned

To set backup fax reception from the control panel
Press Setup.
2. Select Advance Fax Setup, and then select Backup Fax Reception.
3. Press the right arrow button to select On, On Error Only, or Off.
4. Press OK.

To set backup fax reception via the embedded Web server
▲ Select the Settings tab, select Fax from the left pane, select the Advanced sub-

tab, and then select On in the Backup Fax Reception drop-down menu.