HP Officejet Pro L7550 - Clear jams in the ADF

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Clear jams in the ADF

If media is jammed in the ADF, use the following instructions below to clear the jam.
For information about how to avoid jams, see

Tips for avoiding jams


To clear a jam in the ADF
If a page is sticking out of an area, gently try to remove it without tearing the page.

If you feel resistance, continue with the following steps.

2. Remove the document feeder and open the ADF cover.

3. Remove the jam cleanout part. Using both hands, lift up on the two handles until

the part unsnaps. Rotate and lift out the cleanout and set it aside.

Clear jams


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4. While lifting the green lever, rotate the pick mechanism until it stays open.

5. Gently try to remove the page without tearing it. If you feel resistance, continue

with the next step.

6. Open the ADF and gently loosen the media by using both hands.
7. When the media is free, gently pull it out.
8. Close the ADF.
9. Lower the green lever.
10. Reinstall the jam cleanout part by inserting it as shown. Push down on the two tabs

until the part snaps into place.


If the cleanout part is not replaced correctly, future jamming might


Chapter 10


Maintain and troubleshoot

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11. Close the ADF and replace the document feeder tray.