HP Officejet Pro L7550 - Solve software installation problems

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Solve software installation problems

Check or perform the following:

Make sure the computer meets the system requirements.

Before installing software on a Windows computer, ensure all other programs are

If the computer does not recognize the path to the CD drive that you typed, ensure
you are specifying the correct drive letter.

If the computer cannot recognize the Starter CD in the CD drive, inspect the CD for
damage. You can download the device driver from the HP Web site (




In the Windows device manager, make sure that the USB drivers have not been

If you are using a computer running Windows, and the computer cannot detect the
device, run the uninstallation utility (util\ccc\uninstall.bat on the Starter CD) to
perform a clean uninstallation of the device driver. Restart your computer, and
reinstall the device driver.

Troubleshoot installation issues