HP Officejet Pro L7550 - To perform duplexing (Windows)

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To perform duplexing (Windows)

1. Load the appropriate media. For more information, see

Guidelines for printing on

both sides of a page


Load media


2. Make sure the duplexer is properly installed. For more information, see

Install the



3. With a document open, click Print on the File menu, and then click Setup,

Properties, or Preferences.

4. Click the Features tab.
5. Select the Two-sided printing drop-down list. For auto-duplexing, ensure that

Automatic is selected.

6. To automatically resize each page to match the document's onscreen layout,

ensure Preserve Layout is selected. Clearing this option might result in unwanted
page breaks.

7. Select or clear the Flip Pages Up check box depending on which way you want

the binding. See the graphics in the print driver for examples.

Chapter 4



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8. Choose a booklet layout from the Booklet Layout drop-down list, if you want.
9. Change any other settings, and then click OK.
10. Print your document.