HP Officejet Pro L7550 - To set up speed-dial entries

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To set up speed-dial entries

Embedded Web server (network connection): Open the embedded Web server,
click the Settings tab, and then click Fax Speed-dial in the left pane.

To add an entry: Type the required information in the fields in the Quick Add
Fax Speed-Dial Entry

To edit or remove an entry, in the Fax Speed-dial Address Book section,
select the entry and click either the Edit or Delete icon.

Click Apply when you are finished.

HP Photosmart Software: Open the HP Photosmart Software and follow the
instructions in the onscreen Help.

HP Device Manager (Mac OS): Launch HP Device Manager, click Information
and Settings
, and then select Fax Speed Dial Settings from the drop-down list.

Control panel: Press Setup, and then select the Speed Dial Setup option.

To add or change an entry: Select Individual Speed Dial or Group Speed
and press the arrow keys to move to an unused entry number, or type a
number on the keypad. Type the fax number, and then press OK. Include any
pauses or other required numbers, such as an area code, an access code for
numbers outside a PBX system (usually a 9 or 0), or a long-distance prefix.
Type the name, and then press OK.

To delete one entry or all entries: Select Delete Speed Dial, press the arrow
keys to highlight the speed-dial entry that you want to delete, and then press OK.