HP Officejet Pro L7550 - Use control panel menus

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Use control panel menus

The following sections provide a quick reference to top-level menus that appear on the
control-panel display. To display a menu, press the menu button for the function you
want to use.


The type of display on the control panel—color display or two-line display

—depends on the model you have.

Scan menu: Presents a list of destinations; for example, HP photo and imaging
software. On some models, you can scan and reprint a photo or scan to a memory

Fax menu: Allows you to enter a fax or speed-dial number, or display the Fax
menu. Menu options include:

Modifying resolution


Sending delayed faxes

Setting up new defaults

Copy menu: Menu options include:

Selecting copy quantities


Selecting media type and size

Photo menu: Menu options include:

Selecting print options

Using special features



Use the all-in-one

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Transferring to a computer

Selecting a proof sheet